Sunday, May 1, 2011

Shuji Sets For Tohoku / Local Help

From Supporting Japan - Nagoya

Shuji Sets are used to practice Kanji

I'm working through HOPE International Development Agency Japan / HOPE Clubs to supply 40 Shuji Sets to the heavily damaged Oshima elementary and junior high schools at their request and am writing to ask for your help. I know that all of you have given a lot already but this is an urgent need I'm hoping we can work together to fill. Each shuji set costs 1980 yen.

Students in a HOPE Club at my Chubu University have raised enough money to buy 10 of the 40 sets needed and I will personally match this by contributing enough for 10 more. That makes 20. We still need 20 additional sets to be at the schools in Oshima by May 23rd.

If you have students, could you consider this to be a possible fund raising project for them? If you don't have students, could you possibly help yourself or share this information with others who might be able to fill this need? Students (and anyone) are welcome to write and include messages of encouragement to send along with their gifts.
The shuji sets can be ordered directly from Amazon at the link I'm providing at the end of this mail. Should you or your students be able to help, please have kits sent to ...

Chuck Sandy
Chubu Univerisity
1200 Matsumoto-cho
Kasugai, Aichi

phone: 090-9930-1559...
to arrive no later than May 19th. You can also send messages from yourself or your students to this address as well. If you will be able to help with this, could you please let me know how many kits you (and your students) will be able to provide. Shuji sets might not seem like an essential item, but having enough of them to go around is essential for these schools to get back to classes

Shuji set from Amazon:

A link to one of the schools on Oshima whose students will receive these sets:

If you're not able to help, please don't feel bad at all. I know that everyone is working in their own ways to do all that they can. Thanks for that and happy rest of GW to you all!



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